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Set of tests to the `decline_voting_rights` and `proxy` operation.

Michał Kudela requested to merge kudmich/test_for_decline_vote_bug into develop

This MR:

  1. Set of tests to the decline_voting_rights operation,
  2. Tests for proxy operation,
  3. Test showing problem with decline_voting_rights on hf 27. Tests before the fix are placed in the directory functional/python_tests/hf28_tests/ Represent real problems to be solved. After the fix, find the test corresponding to the name (without the _on_hf_27 suffix) and remove the @pytest.mark.skip marker

Corresponding issue: #441 (closed)

Should passed on HF27: test_decline_voting_rights_more_than_once_on_hf_27

Should passed on HF28: test_decline_voting_rights_more_than_once

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