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Other Labels

    This issue is blocked by an external issue or task.
  • Doing
    An assigned issue someone is working on. Useful for Project Board.
  • Invalidates chain-state
    hive / hive
  • Rebranding
    Issue related to rebranding parts that still use steem to hive
    hive / hive
  • Review
    Work done, needs to be reviewed
  • Scheduled for heavy testing
    Useful when given MR requires to perform heavy testing (i.e. full hived replay or hivemind sync basing on given node)
    hive / hive
  • To Do
    Something from the groomed backlog which should be assigned and worked on. Useful for Project Board.
  • approved
    reviewed and accepted
  • bug
  • confirmed
  • critical
  • devops
    hive / hive
  • discussion
  • documentation
  • duplicate
  • enhancement
  • good first issue
  • help wanted
  • incident
    Denotes a disruption to IT services and the associated issues require immediate attention
    hive / hive
  • mismatch
    hive / hive