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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • vImagePublishingTest2 protected
  • 1.27.5 protected Release: 1.27.5 - Minor release DOES NOT require hardfork
  • 1.27.5rc8 protected
  • v1.27.5-rc7 protected
  • v-develop protected
    testing current develop (rc6 wannabe)
  • v1.27.5-rc0 protected Release: v1.27.5 Release Candidate 0
    This is a **minor release**: 1.27.5. It **does not require a hardfork** nor a hived node upgrade (although it is recommended). Upgraded nodes will require a full replay.
    1. Hive/Blockchain features/improvements
       - Hardfork 28 changes (note: date in code is a placeholder HF28 date, likely to change in the future):
         - Multiple recurrent transfers for same sender/receiver pair:
         - Tests and fix (enabled at HF28) related to bad vests/hive price rounding that lead to improper calculations at very early hardforks:
       - Account history API improvements (defines an explicit operation filter for API calls):
       - All condenser API methods return result sets using the JSON legacy form:
       - `proposal_pay_operation` (virtual operation) uses less space (unneeded fields have been removed):
       - Ability to specify some chain parameters in non-mainnet builds in order to simplify testing:
       - Fix bugs related to fc logger (file appenders):
       - Fix random crash at hived exit:
       - The auto-generated block_log.artifacts file has a new format and supports interruption and better consistency validation:
       - Improve validation of snapshot consistency (improved validation):
         - loading a snapshot automatically wipes any old shared memory file (previously the loading aborted with an error message):
       - Resource constraint (RC) code moved closer to the chain code, slightly reducing memory footprint, making it more core-code compliant, and iteratively preparing for RC to be part of consensus in the future:
       - In order to speed up file IO, hived has a new dependency: uring library
       - Code cleanup:
         - Removed legacy operation classes & related code:
         - Removed support for unused automated actions:
    2. New beekeeper tool that safely holds customer keys and signs Hive transactions without a need to directly access private keys:
       - Beekeeper is directly accessible from JS environments (e.g. web browser):
    3. DevOps/CI improvements:
       - Common job definitions used across several Hive repos:
       - Mirrornet conversion can be done automatically:
    4. Tests improvements:
       - Unified unit tests startup by sharing regular hived code inside Boost Unit Test framework:
       - Shared tools/test code across HAF repo:
       - Thorough tests specific to Account History API:
       - Improved tests related to decline_voting_rights behavior
       - Dedicated test scenarios for verifying account recovery system
       - Dedicated test scenarios for power up
       - Dedicated test scenarios for limit order create:
  • v1.27.4 protected Release: v1.27.4 - minor release, does not require another hardfork
    Warning: this update changes hived state format and requires hived node replay, if you are using version 1.27.2 or earlier.
     1. General notes: upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 as base supported OS:
     2. New features:
         - new virtual operations emitted:
         - prepare code for new Hardfork 28
         - prerequisites for strict matching of Hived data structures to the shared_memory.bin and snapshot contents:
     2. Hived bugfixes:
        - fixed shutdown problems:
            - while executing broadcast_transaction_synchronuous:
            - when --exit-before-sync was used:
        - plugin/index state is more strict verified (Issue #423):
        - fixed cli_wallet shutdown problems leading to random failure:
        - elimination of custom fc::uint128 implementation (standard builtin GCC type is used):
        - silent truncation of fixed_string is eliminated (what could lead to silent modification of broken operations in transaction - now they will explicitly fail):
        - Fixed transaction counter in AH RockDB plugin (to improve reporting):
        - Fixed impacted account collection (leads to AH collection) for `comment_payout_beneficiaries`:
        - Account History API better handles history data coming from reversible blocks:
        - RC mana can't go under zero anymore:
    2.  Python regression test improvements:
        - database_api suite extended:
        - dedicated performance test suite for recurrent transfers to show corner cases:
        - enhanced suite related to condenser_api, transaction_status_api,
        - created tests specific to decline_voting_rights and proxy operations:,
        - new tests for market_history_api:
        - enhanced tests specific to recurrent transfers:
    3. Low level unit tests extended by suite of tests covering AH calls (prerequisites to internal code cleanup/refactoring, which will need good test base):
    4. Devops/workflow automation:
        - dockerized setup fixes/simplifications (mostly solved permission issues):
        - Simplify replay of test node and use GitLab cache to lower resource usage during testing:
        - Official Hive images can be published by automatic job:
  • v-protected-15 protected
    Test tag for #434
  • v-protected-14 protected
    Test tag for #434
  • v-protected-13 protected
    Test tag for #434
  • v-protected-11 protected
    c7ef6658 · Fix ·
    Test tag for #434
  • v-protected-10 protected
    Test tag for #434
  • unprotected
  • v1.27.3 protected Release: v1.27.3
    Invalidates hived state (built earlier version i.e. 1.27.2), replay is needed.
  • Invalidates-chain-state_2022_12_12
    Related to changes done here:
  • Invalidates-chain-state_2022_12_06
    Related to
  • v1.27.2 protected Release: v1.27.2
  • v1.27.1 protected Release: v1.27.1
  • v1.27.0 protected Release: v1.27.0
  • v1.26.1 protected Release: v1.26.1