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Bunch of changes related to libfaketime configuration

Piotr Batko requested to merge pbatko/change-default-libfaketime-path into master

Change libfaketime path search procedure

Path is searched in following localizations, in this orded:

  • LIBFAKETIME_PATH environment variable
  • default installation path when building from sources (/usr/local/lib/faketime/)
  • default Ubuntu package installation path (/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/faketime/)

Warning is emitted when libfaketime from Ubuntu package repository is used, because of missing features in older version provided by Ubuntu20's package repository, which might be required by some tests based on TestTools.

Added installation manual, which is showed in case of configuration problem.

Use version which supports multithreaded programs

hived is a multithreaded program, thus we should use libfaketime which supports multithreading.

Please review: @msobczyk @kmochocki

Edited by Piotr Batko

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