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Include `VestPrice` cofiguration tool

Related: hive!987 (merged)

In this MR:

  • Moved class VestPrice from hive to test-tools,
  • Add to method set_vest_price, the method is available only for InitNode. Allows to set the Price.


node.set_vest_price(base=tt.Asset.Test(1), quote=tt.Asset.Vest(100))


2023-08-07 14:07:41 [INFO] new vests price (wrapped) 1800.0 VESTS per 1 TESTS. (
2023-08-07 14:07:44 [INFO] Price stabilization completed. Invested: 10000000.000 TESTS in network. (
2023-08-07 14:07:44 [INFO] new vests price (real): 1799.9884527852744 VESTS per 1 TESTS (
Edited by Michał Kudela

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