HF 24 date moved to 06 October 2020
Fixed hived version reporting to match official tag.

Hardfork date set for Oct 6th, 2020.

New command-line options:

  • --dump-snapshot snapshot_name
  • --load-snapshot snapshot_name
  • --snapshot-root-dir directory_for_storing_snapshots (creates directory if it doesn't already exist)
  • --exit-after-replay

Node management improvements

  • Snapshot dump/load: A node’s state information can be stored to disk, then used to setup a new node, without requiring a time-consuming replay of the blockchain. Snapshots are stored in the snapshot root directory as a subdirectory with the snapshot name supplied when creating the snapshot. By default, the snapshot root directory is a directory called snapshot in the application's data directory.
  • Replays can be stopped via Ctrl-C and resumed. To resume an interrupted replay, relaunch hived, and hived will auto-resume the replay if the state's headblock is less than the block_log's headblock.

Performance Improvements

  • A full replay currently takes 16-18 hours. Previously this took several days.

  • Huge reduction in memory requirements. A fully featured API node now only requires 16GB RAM.

  • New virtual operations to supply more information to hivemind and other microservices:

Governance changes

  • Hive must be staked for 30 days before it counts towards witness and proposal voting tallies.

Updates to Decentralized Hive Fund

  • steem.dao account has been replaced by hive.fund account: #25
  • Hive in the treasury fund (hive.fund) will automatically be converted over time to Hive-backed Dollars (HBD). !97
  • The HBD in the decentralized hive fund doesn't count towards the debt ratio !97
  • HIVE donations to the Decentralized Hive Fund are now possible, the hive will automatically be converted to Hive-backed Dollars (HBD) and made available for proposals. !97
  • Proposals can be updated after creation time using update_proposal operation. Changes include title changes and lowering the proposal payout request. !48
  • Increased creation fee for long running proposals, the base price (10 HBD) increases by 1 HBD per extra day past 60 days !48
  • Fixed bug in descending order in DHF API (another regression from when worker proposal code was originally merged in): #31
  • Restored support for last_id parameter needed for proposal pagination (this was lost when Steemit merged in the original worker proposal code): #32
  • Proposal votes are summed up and available via API queries before a proposal becomes active (previously this data was only available after the proposal became active): #33

Miscellaneous changes

  • Airdrop for accounts voted for via proposal system.
  • Major rebranding, replace all Steem/SBD references with Hive/HBD
  • Updated code to allow for major release version changes (e.g. 0.23.0 → 1.24.0)
  • Chain id changed from 0x0000… to 0xBEEABODE…
  • Improved validate_invariants to detect any future code changes that might leave the ledger in an inconsistent state.

Long-standing bug fixes

  • Fixed bugs in node shutdown (by Ctrl+C) that led to intermittent crashes at shutdown.
  • Fixed fc bug unpacking flat sets that resulted in bug when restoring a snapshot.