Commit 89a3d619 authored by arcange's avatar arcange

Typo fixed

Changed "Failover Threshold" output to so it looks less like an error than information
parent f73f913a
......@@ -56,8 +56,8 @@ class Steem extends EventEmitter {
this.callAsync = Promise.promisify(;
this.signedCallAsync = Promise.promisify(this.signedCall);
console.log("Alternate endpoitns: ", this.options.alternative_api_endpoints);
console.log("Error Failover Threshold: ", this.options.failover_threshold);
console.log("Alternate endpoints: ", this.options.alternative_api_endpoints);
console.log("Failover Threshold (errors): ", this.options.failover_threshold);
this.notifyError = this.notifyError.bind(this);
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