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Remove forwarding of sys.args to parse_args

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......@@ -12,7 +12,6 @@ from pathlib import Path
from re import compile, match
from shutil import rmtree, copy2 as copy_file
from subprocess import PIPE, STDOUT, Popen
from sys import argv
from time import sleep
from typing import Any, Dict, List, Tuple
from urllib.parse import urlencode, urlparse
......@@ -101,7 +100,7 @@ engine.add_argument('--call-style', dest='call_style', type=str, defa
engine.add_argument('--postgres', dest='postgres_url', type=str, default='postgresql:///haf_block_log', help='if specified connection string, tests will be performed on postgres db [default=postgresql:///haf_block_log]')
engine.add_argument('--no-launch', dest='no_hafah', **BOOL_PARAM, help='if specified, no HAfAH instance will be launched (if specified, no full data will be avaiable) [default=False]')
engine.add_argument('--explicit-python', dest='ex_python', **BOOL_PARAM, help='starts HAfAH like `python3` instead of ``, make sure that dir with python interpreter is in PATH env')
args = engine.parse_args(list(argv[1:]))
args = engine.parse_args()
# user input
ROOT_DIR : Path = Path(args.root_dir)
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