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Fix market trade history

Quoc Huy Nguyen Dinh requested to merge fix-market-trade-history into develop

The existing logic was:

  • fetch first 25 entries from get_recent_trades
  • append 1000 entries from get_trade_history every 3 seconds

Issues with that:

  • the last entry from get_recent_trades is few minutes ago, the first entry of get_trade_history is 7 hours ago so there is a big gap between them
  • the logic that appends was actually prepending... hence after few seconds the Trade History table goes out of date
  • there was no logic to check if the start date passed to get_trade_history was the same and every time the code was appending 1000 items to the array
  • even if those 1000 items were the same as the previous 1000....

Fix: I replaced all that with simply fetching first 1000 entries from get_recent_trades and don't bother with get_trade_history as I don't think 7hrs ago is any helpful here, 1000 entries was enough to show up to 5hrs ago and that made a lot of pages...

Video capture (things are happening more frequently at around 00:35):

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