Commit fa86b745 authored by Originate's avatar Originate Committed by Benjamin Chodoroff
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Update i18n settings to support zh

parent 133909cc
......@@ -7,10 +7,11 @@ import ru from 'react-intl/locale-data/ru';
import fr from 'react-intl/locale-data/fr';
import it from 'react-intl/locale-data/it';
import ko from 'react-intl/locale-data/ko';
import zh from 'react-intl/locale-data/zh';
import { DEFAULT_LANGUAGE } from 'app/client_config';
import tt from 'counterpart';
addLocaleData([...en,,,,, ...ko]);
addLocaleData([...en,,,,, ...ko, ...zh]);
tt.registerTranslations('en', require('counterpart/locales/en'));
tt.registerTranslations('en', require('app/locales/en.json'));
......@@ -30,6 +31,9 @@ tt.registerTranslations('it', require('app/locales/it.json'));
tt.registerTranslations('ko', require('app/locales/counterpart/ko'));
tt.registerTranslations('ko', require('app/locales/ko.json'));
tt.registerTranslations('zh', require('app/locales/counterpart/zh'));
tt.registerTranslations('zh', require('app/locales/zh.json'));
if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production') {
......@@ -201,6 +201,7 @@ class Settings extends React.Component {
<option value="fr">French</option>
<option value="it">Italian</option>
<option value="ko">Korean</option>
<option value="zh">Chinese 简体中文</option>
// The translations in this file are added by default.
'use strict';
module.exports = {
counterpart: {
names: require('date-names/en'),
pluralize: require('pluralizers/en'),
formats: {
date: {
default: '%a, %e %b %Y',
long: '%A, %B %o, %Y',
short: '%b %e',
time: {
default: '%H:%M',
long: '%H:%M:%S %z',
short: '%H:%M',
datetime: {
default: '%a, %e %b %Y %H:%M',
long: '%A, %B %o, %Y %H:%M:%S %z',
short: '%e %b %H:%M',
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