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French translation post_advanced_settings_jsx

French translation updates following the merging of PR #2880

parent 3ebb8c68
......@@ -330,11 +330,11 @@
"Le dernier caractère doit être une lettre ou un chiffre"
"post_advanced_settings_jsx": {
"payout_option_header": "Author rewards",
"payout_option_header": "Gains éditoriaux",
"What type of tokens do you want as rewards from this post?",
"current_default": "Default",
"update_default_in_settings": "Update"
"Quel type de jeton voulez-vous comme récompense pour cet article?",
"current_default": "Défaut",
"update_default_in_settings": "Mettre à jour"
"postfull_jsx": {
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