Commit 3eb6efce authored by Philip Kirkbride's avatar Philip Kirkbride
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add french translations

parent ad59adaf
......@@ -43,6 +43,11 @@
"logout": "Déconnexion",
"memo": "Note",
"mute": "Ignorer",
"my_blog": "Mon blog",
"my_comments": "Mes commentaires",
"my_feed": "Mon flux",
"my_replies": "Réponses à moi",
"my_wallet": "Mon portefeuille",
"new": "nouveau",
"newer": "Plus récent",
"next": "Suivant",
......@@ -100,7 +105,7 @@
"submit_a_story": "Poster",
"tag": "Mot clé",
"to": "vers",
"all_tags": "All tags",
"all_tags": "Tous les clés",
"transfer": "Transférer",
"trending_topics": "Sujets en vogue",
"type": "Genre",
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