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Reduce activated api plugins in different nodes

Right now every single node type created by TestTools activate all api plugins. Probably this leads to random test fails.

This merge request reduces amount of activated plugins nodes provided by test tools. Now nodes have properly configured plugins:

  • PreconfiguredNode - block_api, database_api, debug_node_api, network_node_api, wallet_bridge_api
  • Witness node - plugins from base class PreconfiguredNode plus witness for producing blocks
  • ApiNode - all plugins except account_history_api and witness
  • FullApiNode (new one) - all plugins including account_history_api

Additionaly method responsible for activating plugins has been refactored, now it can activate various amount of plugins - not only all of them.

TestTools submodule update merge request with passed CI: hive!875 (merged)

Edited by Bartek Wrona

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