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......@@ -93,6 +93,22 @@ Each urls key can have multiple endpoints for each namespace. For example:
This makes it possible to forward specific calls to specific clusters of nodes.
### Redis
While it isn't required to function, for production scenarios we recommend using a separate redis database for jussi. You can specify your redis host by passing in an environment variable. You can learn more about redis here:
### Environment variables
Certain features of jussi can be configured using environment variables. If you are running jussi in a docker container, you can pass them in using `--env ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE=value`
`JUSSI_UPSTREAM_CONFIG_FILE` - Specifies the location of your config file
`JUSSI_REDIS_URL` - In the format of: `redis://host:port`
`JUSSI_JSONRPC_BATCH_SIZE_LIMIT` - The number of batch requests to allow
`JUSSI_SERVER_PORT` - The port to run on, default is `9000`
`JUSSI_STATSD_URL` - In the format of: `statsd://host:port`
`JUSSI_TEST_UPSTREAM_URLS` - This stops jussi from testing upstream URLs at startup. When pointing jussi to locally running test services, you may need to set this to `FALSE`.
`JUSSI_WEBSOCKET_POOL_MAXSIZE` - If connecting to a service using websockets, you can set the max pool size
`LOG_LEVEL` - Everyone likes more logs. If you do too, set this to `INFO`. Otherwise, `WARNING` is ok as well.
## What jussi does
### At Startup
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