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## Configure
> cp ./config/
See also: `./config/index.js`
Steem-powered image hosting and proxying service.
## Example upload
#### Start the server
Enable the TEST key in development mode only. The examples below are signed using this test key.
> . ./
> npm start
With node.js installed, run:
#### Quota Server
make devserver
This will pull in all dependencies and spin up a hot-reloading development server.
Run `make lint` to run the autolinter, `make test` to run the unit tests.
Defaults are in <./config/default.toml> and can be overridden by env vars as defined in <./config/custom-enviroment-variables.toml>
Load order is: env vars > `config/$NODE_ENV.toml` > `config/default.toml`
Tarantool database should be available on port 3301 of your local host.
See the `config` module docs for more details.
> tarantool ./app.lua
#### Usage
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