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WIP: add long/short form content switch

Nelmin Anoc requested to merge wip-micro-feed-filter into master

D.Buzz, as a microblogging platform, has already garnered monthly stats of 600 users a month according to, and is a Top no. 5 Social Dapp worldwide.

In order to accomodate D.Buzz users, and future short-form content on HIVE, a change should be made to Hivemind so that short-from Dapps like D.Buzz are interoperable with long-form Dapps like Ecency, PeakD and Hive.Blog (or at least could be).

It would involve differentiating between short-form content, and long-form content in Hivemind, so that Dapps like Ecency could then easily add filter tools so their users could switch between only viewing short-form content, only view long-form content, both at once (currently the only option) or could theoretically, switch between viewing long-form and short-form content back and forth, in the main feeds, based entirely on their user's preferences, and from moment to moment.

With that said, this MR is intended to increase interoperability between PeakD, Hive.Blog, Ecency, D.Buzz in the simplest and most intuitive way, and could then increase the options and user experience of people from every end of the short-form/long-from debate.

Since D.Buzz understands the need for this, @coffeebender, our Lead Dev, created & submitted this MR for the Hivemind repo.

#Options #ChoicesForUsers #Interoperability #HIVE

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