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      Merge branch 'mi_report_explain' into 'develop' · 4512a40f
      Bartek Wrona authored
      report explain analyze to log for given queries
      See merge request !529
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      report explain analyze to log for given queries · 1dd32da6
      Marcin authored
      If some SQL query is suspected to will need be explained and analyzed in the future, then instead of
      call queries directly on Db instance call the same query on AutoExplainWrapper
      returned from the Db with method explain(). AutoExplainWrapper has the
      same query interface as the Db class has, so the call is identical in
      both cases.
      For example previously query executed without plan explanation:
      can be capable to explain with:
      Because taking plan explanation requires SUPERUSER privileges and
      adds additional overhead for the queries, by default AutoExplainWrapper
      is not used, explain() function simply returns the Db class instance.
      To include plan explanation in the log hivemind has to be started
      with parameter --log_explain_queries=true and connected to the
      postgres db using role with SUPERUSER privileges.
      include information from vacuum analyze hive posts in the log
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