Commit 7925cd22 authored by Paulina Czempiel's avatar Paulina Czempiel
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Merge branch 'pczempiel_community_roles' of...

Merge branch 'pczempiel_community_roles' of into pczempiel_list_community_roles_pagination
parents e61e9bc1 ce8a6bfa
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ def append_statistics_to_post(post, row, is_pinned):
post['author_role'] = 'guest'
post['author_title'] = ''
post['stats']['gray'] = row['is_grayed'] or row['is_muted']
post['stats']['gray'] = row['is_grayed'] or row['is_muted'] or (row['role_id'] == -2)
if is_pinned:
post['stats']['is_pinned'] = True
return post
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Subproject commit 41a90cf6a1b1da25dd2382df286ab290244606a2
Subproject commit 9226182bb16462c3aded33309c83968dde7995dc
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