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Account History vs Condenser unit tests - part 7

Łukasz Bujak requested to merge 428-continuation-5 into develop

This is a follow-up to !874 (merged)

  • Continue conversion of account_history_by_condenser_test into new scenarios, adding single get_ops_in_block test for verification.
  • Add missing virtual operation cases to scenarios.
  • Place condenser_api_fixture and its tests suites in separate files.
  • Add get_account_history test confirming the fix made in #460 (closed)
  • Improve test_get_transaction by adding patterns (as implemented for test_get_ops_in_block & test_get_account_history).
  • Using existing scenarios add get_transaction tests with transactions containing different number of operations.
  • Add get_account_history tests for each scenario (see get_account_history_convert_and_limit_order).
  • Improve test_get_account_history by adding more variations of call arguments (e.g. reversible blocks, filter low/high etc).

Corresponding MR in schema submodule - schemas!43 (merged)

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