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Small changes in generic_custom_operation_interpreter and RC

Andrzej Lisak requested to merge abw_rc_strict into develop

Needs test-tools!110 (merged)

  • generic_custom_operation_interpreter made more strict - when node is_in_control() it will assert on custom json containing extra elements (that are usually indicators that the json is ill-formed), f.e. (the intention was to have two delegations, but due to wrong formatting it was interpreted as one delegation with extra ignored elements); does not affect interpretation of operations already in blocks
  • added debug messages for situations when ill-formed operations are already in blocks indicating that their interpretation might differ from user's intention; also ineffective RC delegations sent prior to HF26 have their debug message
  • fix for small bug introduced by !670 (merged) - in case user had no RC mana to perform operation, node would assert (or generate "Accepting " message when not in control) with wrong (pre regeneration) value of RC mana; the bug only affected message, not behavior
  • removed unused testnet only options: rc-start-at-block and rc-account-whitelist - especially the second one was too easy to be used in mainnet
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