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6. **Enhancement Suggestions** If you have an enhancement you would like to see in condenser
we suggest you first discuss it with other members of the community on, or
in the steemit discord channel. If there is a well vetted idea that has the support of
the community create an issue with a link to the discussion, a detailed description, and
tag it with the label `community-src`
the community create an issue with a link to the discussion. The issue's title should
start with `community -` and have a detailed description.
7. **Development Discussions** The developers frequently open issues to discuss changes that
are being worked on. This is to inform the community of the changes being worked on, and
to get input from the community and other developers on the implementation.
8. **Pull Requests** We love community contributions. If you've done some work on an issue
and want to see it in the condenser codebase, please submit a Pull Request, reference
the issue in the description *and tag the it with `community-src`* we're working very
the issue in the description *start the title with `community -`. We're working very
hard to keep our development practices as open as possible, and this helps us a lot.
## Code of Conduct
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