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Follow-up fixes for scheduled-transfer implementation.

related !374 (merged)

Closes: #206 (closed)

This MR includes fixes for:

  1. Fixed issue to display only the next 10 upcoming scheduled transfers.
  2. Fixed calculation of amount of upcoming scheduled transfers.
  3. Fixed typo send -> sent in help message of clive process transfer-schedule,
  4. Fixed bug that requires from user passing pair_id even when there was only one transfer to receiver,
  5. Fixed bug that prevents from removing scheduled transfer when there was only 1 execution left,
  6. Remove Memo column from upcoming table,
  7. Adjust time format of Next column in upcoming table,
  8. Add information in help of clive show transfer-schedule modify about first execution after changing value of frequency.
Edited by Wieslaw Kedzierski

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