Partial implementation of hive#406

Partial implementation of hive#406 (closed) - replacement of existing jobs from templates from repositories hive/hive> and hive/haf> by new jobs from hive/common-ci-configuration> - this was rejected in its current form.

Changes in this MR:

  • reimplemented test jobs using templates from hive/common-ci-configuration>
  • added workflow template to prevent duplicate pipelines (best practice)
  • pinned job templates from hive/hive> and hive/haf> to specific comments referenced in the submodules, rather than to respective develop branch HEADs
  • ensured that all artifacts are removed after 6 hours
  • added generating HTML dashboards to benchmark jobs
  • exposed the aforementioned dashboards via GitLab Pages (available under<job-id>/artifacts/wdir/dashboard/index.html)

The dashboards can be also accessed from job details by navigating to the wdir/dashboard/index.html in the artifacts browsing screen.

Edited by Konrad Botor

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