Fully rebranded for Hive. **Read release notes.**


  • Rebranded everything to Hive
  • Added new config rebranded_api with default false
  • Setting the new config to true will change all the "steem/sbd" in the operations and variables to "hive/hbd".
  • Added a helper function autoDetectApiVersion() to get api version and update the confing.
  • Deprecated but still working:
  • vestingSteem() replace with: vestingHive()
  • pricePerSteem() replace with: pricePerHive()
  • vesting_steem variable input in estimateAccountValue() replace with: vesting_hive

Important: After updating the config variable rebranded_api inside the app (e.g. hive.config.set('rebranded_api', true)) another function (hive.broadcast.updateOperations()) MUST be called manually before broadcasting any transaction.

updateOperations() is necessary to update the list of operations according to the changed configuration. It's also needed after autoDetectApiVersion()!

For technical reasons, we can not run updateOperations() automatically after config change.

The ideal and recommended option is to change the 'rebranded_api' inside the config.json file before using hive-js.