Commit e88f0f26 authored by roadscape's avatar roadscape
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fix form styling

parent 179c301c
......@@ -177,20 +177,21 @@ class CreateCommunity extends React.Component {
const sagaError = communityCreateError;
if (finished) {
const url = `${socialUrl}/trending/${communityOwnerName}`;
return (
<div className="row">
<div className="column large-6 small-12">
Your community was created!<br />
<a href={`${socialUrl}/trending/${communityOwnerName}`}>
Get started.
<a href={url}>Get started.</a>
const showErr = msg => <div className="community--error">{msg}</div>;
const adminMsg = 'Account created. Setting @{accountName} as admin...';
const adminMsg = `Account created. Setting @${accountName} as admin...`;
return (
<div className="row">
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