1. 09 Sep, 2020 37 commits
  2. 08 Sep, 2020 3 commits
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      Merge branch 'get_comment_discussions_by_payout' into 'master' · 603a9aa3
      Bartek Wrona authored
      tags_api get_comment_discussions_by_payout moved to folder
      See merge request !60
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      [ABW]: removed files related to condenser_api::get_accounts call (for hived,... · 43f46f32
      Andrzej Lisak authored
      [ABW]: removed files related to condenser_api::get_accounts call (for hived, not HM; tests deactivated earlier)
      removed tags_api duplicate tests that were moved to separate subfolders earlier
      due to changed behaviour in get_comment_discussions_by_payout (when start author/permlink is passed post has to be found) two tests moved to negative
      added .orig files for new tests
      accepted typical differences: rebranding, future cashout time, pending payout, post id; also some test patterns corrected manually since differences in pending payouts made them incomparable with original (order by payout)
      some patterns reordered by key; also indent changed to two spaces
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      Merge branch 'get_comment_discussions_by_payout' of... · 3c3fb42e
      Andrzej Lisak authored
      Merge branch 'get_comment_discussions_by_payout' of gitlab.syncad.com:hive/tests_api into get_comment_discussions_by_payout