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      [ABW]: Patterns for list_comments with by_cashout_time created with... · a3216290
      Andrzej Lisak authored
      [ABW]: Patterns for list_comments with by_cashout_time created with find_comments because cashout_time is completely different in new version
      Patterns for list_comments with by_author_last_update created with find_comments because fat node was incorrectly using by_last_update index
      Accepted differences in now comparable patterns: id, max_cashout_time (always timestamp::max), children_abs_rshares (always 0), reward_weight (always 10000), numeric instead of string, cashout_time (creation+7), last_payout when not final and no reward, rshares/weight related after nonfinal payout, net_rshares after final payout (always 0 where previously negative persisted), empty json_metadata as dictionary
      Updated comments for database_api tests
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      [ABW]: Added .orig.json for all tests (even if not different from pattern) to... · dd1a785c
      Andrzej Lisak authored
      [ABW]: Added .orig.json for all tests (even if not different from pattern) to make it possible to compare with original response of old HiveMind/fat node
      Accepted differences in patterns: future cashout_time, max_cashout_time (no longer relevant), rshares/weight related after first payout but before final, last_payout in the same case when payout was ineffective (that difference will last even at full sync), numerical instead of strings for long numbers (consistency)
      Changed test comments to reflect current differences (mostly active, some payout related, still plenty of differences in order)
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      [ABW]: patterns corrected for condenser/follow/tags_api: · ac20a0cf
      Andrzej Lisak authored
      - rebranding
      - accepted different future cashout_time (prior to HF17 it was taken from root and we don't want to introduce hardfork differences to HiveMind)
      - accepted different post_id
      - accepted lack of double-escaped slashes in json_metadata (now is better)
      - corrected indent for tavern's 2 spaces
      - corrected cases of CLRF
      Comparison script now removes .diff.json and .out.json files from previous run
      Comparison script now generates .out.json with error message in case of error/no response (all failing tests have .out.json file)
      Added comments to failing tests why they are failing
      Added comments to tests with empty results why there is no other option
  14. 28 Jul, 2020 2 commits