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    [ABW]: Patterns for list_comments with by_cashout_time created with... · a3216290
    Andrzej Lisak authored
    [ABW]: Patterns for list_comments with by_cashout_time created with find_comments because cashout_time is completely different in new version
    Patterns for list_comments with by_author_last_update created with find_comments because fat node was incorrectly using by_last_update index
    Accepted differences in now comparable patterns: id, max_cashout_time (always timestamp::max), children_abs_rshares (always 0), reward_weight (always 10000), numeric instead of string, cashout_time (creation+7), last_payout when not final and no reward, rshares/weight related after nonfinal payout, net_rshares after final payout (always 0 where previously negative persisted), empty json_metadata as dictionary
    Updated comments for database_api tests
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