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    [ABW]: patterns corrected for condenser/follow/tags_api: · ac20a0cf
    Andrzej Lisak authored
    - rebranding
    - accepted different future cashout_time (prior to HF17 it was taken from root and we don't want to introduce hardfork differences to HiveMind)
    - accepted different post_id
    - accepted lack of double-escaped slashes in json_metadata (now is better)
    - corrected indent for tavern's 2 spaces
    - corrected cases of CLRF
    Comparison script now removes .diff.json and .out.json files from previous run
    Comparison script now generates .out.json with error message in case of error/no response (all failing tests have .out.json file)
    Added comments to failing tests why they are failing
    Added comments to tests with empty results why there is no other option
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