• fixed fatal bugs in API locking implementation leading hived to hang on some machines under huge load
  • condenser_api.get_account_history call (wrapping account_history_api.get_account_history) is also lockless API
  • account_history_api.get_account_history allows operation filtering to reduce response size
  • account_history_api.get_account_history has limited response size to max 1000 operations at once (previously it was 10000)
  • fixed curation_rewards, author_rewards calculation in the Low memory node. All nodes built and replayed before 8e1a3777 require another replay.
  • fixed legacy code to enable API support for new virtual operation: sps_convert_operation added in the HF24. Previously cli_wallet and condenser_api.get_account_history, condenser_api.get_ops_in_block could report incomplete history of accoutns involved in such operation.

As this version contains substantial operational improvements, we’ve tagged this version as v1.24.5, and it’s a strongly recommended upgrade for all API server nodes. However, there’s no need for exchanges or consensus nodes to upgrade to this version, since the performance improvements mostly come into play when a node is handling significant API traffic.