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      WIP [ABW]: implemented HIVE->HBD conversion with immediate effect and deferred finalization · b08c51e9
      Andrzej Lisak authored
      Added new collateralized_convert_operation and related vop fill_collateralized_convert_request_operation, also in legacy version for APIs
      Added new state object (already using tiny_asset, id_ref and fully encapsulated): collateralized_convert_request_object
      Existing convert_request_object changed to use tiny_asset, id_ref and encapsulation (slightly affects order in database_api::list_hbd_conversion_requests)
      Added current_min_history/current_max_history to feed_history_object - used in pricing in new conversion
      Added wallet_api/remote_node_api/condenser_api::get_collateralized_conversion_requests
      Added database_api::list_collateralized_conversion_requests and database_api::find_collateralized_conversion_requests
      Added wallet_api operations: convert_hive_with_collateral and estimate_hive_collateral
      Added new vop system_warning_operation to be emitted instead of wlog in case of important consensus situations (hooked to history of initminer).
      tiny_asset definition moved to asset.hpp to allow better interaction between the types (part of tiny_asset branch that was already needed)
      [Fix]: 4 existing vops were missing from filter in account history
      [Fix]: fixed exception formatting in asset * price operator
      [Note]: order of the same existing vops in their legacy version is not correct (different than in regular operation definition)
      [Note]: future consideration - database::clear_account asserts on new convert operation (so it will stop-the-world in case someone uses it incorrectly in the future)
      [Note]: alternative global balance handling would be to burn collateral (affects cutoff limit) and then emit excess collateral when conversion is handled
      [Note]: RC cost of new convert operation is a copy of regular convert operation
      [Note]: new operation not handled in account_statistics nor blockchain_statistics legacy plugins
      [Note]: no tests for new operation yet
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