Commit 713fdc6f authored by Andrzej Lisak's avatar Andrzej Lisak

[ABW]: [Ign] code for HF23 moved to separate routine for easier testing

parent 929b67da
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -518,6 +518,11 @@ namespace steem { namespace chain {
//Clears all pending operations on account that involve balance, moves tokens to STEEM_TREASURY_ACCOUNT
void clear_account( const account_object& account,
asset* transferred_sbd_ptr = nullptr, asset* transferred_steem_ptr = nullptr,
asset* converted_vests_ptr = nullptr, asset* steem_from_vests_ptr = nullptr );
//Mark pop_undo() as protected -- we do not want outside calling pop_undo(); it should call pop_block() instead
//void pop_undo() { object_database::pop_undo(); }
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