Commit 24d2be49 authored by Andrzej Lisak's avatar Andrzej Lisak

[ABW]: [Fix] gpo.total_vesting_shares and gpo.total_vesting_fund_steem...

[ABW]: [Fix] gpo.total_vesting_shares and gpo.total_vesting_fund_steem (almost) always change in tandem, and always in the same direction
parent 6b4a2aa3
......@@ -5402,7 +5402,7 @@ void database::apply_hardfork( uint32_t hardfork )
adjust_balance( treasury_account, asset( converted_steem, STEEM_SYMBOL ) );
modify( cprops, [&]( dynamic_global_property_object &o ) {
o.total_vesting_fund_steem += converted_steem;
o.total_vesting_fund_steem -= converted_steem;
o.total_vesting_shares -= vests_to_convert;
} );
  • I don't understand why they would move in the same direction, we are removing vests and adding steem into the system don't we ?

  • The code here looks correct to me. It's the same logic as power down. total_vesting_fund_steem -= x is indeed adding steem into the system.

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