1. 20 Jan, 2022 5 commits
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      add 'START' state to synchronization states · 98bc1e6d
      Marcin authored
      'START' state is the start state of synchronization.
      Inside this state decision is made in which state synchronization
      muste go next. During this state synchronization is not synchronizing
      blocks, only wait for event which claryfy what is the most optimal next
      state. 'START' state solves the problem with breaking LIVE
      synchronization with CTRL+C: previously at the begining synchronization
      was started in P2P state, what fore to disable foreign key, and in
      consequence the FK have to be restored in the next state what takes a
      lot of time. Now, during leaving the 'START' state decision is made if
      is better go to LIVE or P2P/REINDEX. Decision is made on expected
      number of blocks to sync to reach the network HEAD BLOCK. A new
      parameter 'psql-livesync-threshold' was added to sql_serializer: if
      number of expected blocks is less or equal than the value of the threshold then
      synchronization will move to live sync, otheriwse to it will move to
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      issue #31: index are recreated after reindex · de109271
      Marcin authored
      New class to manipulation of indexes and contraints added: indexes_controller
      indexation_state enable/disable indexes and foreign key depends on its state
      When the node is broken with CTRL+C then nothing happen with the indexes
      P2P sync works with enabled indexes and disabled FK
      REINDEX sync works with disabled indexes and disabled FK
      LIVE sync works with enabled indexes and enabled FK
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      Merge branch 'mi_block_signals' into 'develop' · 607cfc56
      Bartek Wrona authored
      always blocks operation handlers regardles of synchronization state
      See merge request !58
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      Merge branch 'dan-develop-patch-62819' into 'develop' · b16b21da
      Dan Notestein authored
      Update README.md
      See merge request !65
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      Merge branch 'dan-develop-patch-48886' into 'develop' · 9a5b7ba4
      Dan Notestein authored
      Update README.md
      See merge request !64
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      Update README.md · ce5ce5c7
      Dan Notestein authored
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      documentation update · be0c377d
      Marcin authored
      - one common installtion itruction for whole HAF
      - sql_serializer parameter description
      - cmake targets types
      - sql_serialzier: dumping blocks to the datatabase
  10. 04 Jan, 2022 2 commits
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      Merge branch 'mi_remove_join_operation_with_account_operations' into 'develop' · 5c24f2af
      Marcin authored
      add dirty flag to make node to db reconnection faster
      See merge request !56
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      add dirty flag to make node to db reconnection faster · bfb198e9
      Marcin authored
      The table hive.irreversible_data was extended to column dirty (boolean).
      When dirty is TRUE it means that irreversible data are in inconsistent state.
      When the HAF will crash during sync (replay or p2p sync) then data are
      inconsistant: some dumping data thread finish their jobs and some do not.
      When node after crash will start, then it checks the dirty flag, if flag
      is set, then inconsistent data have to be removed but it may last very long
      time, because during replay there are no indexes to make inserting new rows faster.
      During restarting the HAF after the crash an error is returned with informations about datat inconistency.
      To succesfuly restart the node the switch `--psql-force-open-inconsistent` must be used.
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