Commit b40e12f6 authored by Dan Notestein's avatar Dan Notestein
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Merge branch 'fixMetaPopulation' into 'develop'

Fix post json metadata image, usertags, links population

See merge request !157
parents b8689205 4992d637
......@@ -1428,13 +1428,13 @@ export default formId =>
const meta = isEdit ? jsonMetadata : {};
if (metaTags.size) meta.tags = metaTags.toJS();
else delete meta.tags;
if (rtags.usertags.size) meta.users = rtags.usertags;
if (rtags.usertags.size) meta.users = Array.from(rtags.usertags);
else delete meta.users;
if (rtags.images.size)
meta.image = rtags.images; // TODO: save first image
meta.image = Array.from(rtags.images).slice(0, 1);
else delete meta.image;
if (rtags.links.size)
meta.links = rtags.links; // TODO: remove? save first?
meta.links = Array.from(rtags.links).slice(0, 1);
else delete meta.links; = 'hiveblog/0.1';
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